Nicole Thompson Awarded Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship and DIRECT Training

Nicole Thompson was recently awarded a 2018 Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship and Data Intensive Research Enabling Clean Technologies (DIRECT) Training. Congratulations, Nicole!


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Grant Williamson Invited to Speak at the Clean and Fair Economy Summit

Grant Williamson was invited to speak at the BlueGreen Alliance Clean and Fair Economy Summit on September 14th and 15th in Olympia, WA. He was one of six presenters speaking during the session: Energizing the Future: Using Clean Energy, Storage and Efficiency to Reduce Emissions. Congratulations, Grant!

Panel Info:
Tackling climate change means we have to shift how America generates the energy we use every day to power our lives. Renewable energy generation and energy efficiency have already reached levels we couldn’t dream of just 20 years ago, but what will the future hold and how can we keep up this momentum? Find out about companies, projects, and new approaches that are bringing more renewable energy to the grid, making our homes and businesses more energy and water efficient, and finding ways to store our energy to reduce waste and ensure it is there when we need it.

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Holmberg Lab Develops New Teaching Module

Elena Pandres, Grant Williamson, and Professor Holmberg develop a teaching lab module focused on batteries for the brand new cross-listed, interdisciplinary Energy Materials, Devices, and Systems course that will be taught in the brand new Research and Training Testbed.

You can read more about this new interdisciplinary course focused on providing students with education across the entire spectrum of clean energy technologies here:

Brittany Bishop and Grant Williamson Travel to Washington D.C. for 2017 Science Outside the Lab: Nanotechnology & Policy

Brittany Bishop and Grant Williamson recently traveled to Washington D.C. for the 2017 Science Outside the Lab: Nanotechnology & Policy program. Through this program, students get the opportunity to learn how science and policy intersect by meeting people who work in and with the government.

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