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We are an inorganic nanomaterials research group based out of Chemical Engineering and Molecular Engineering and Sciences at the University of Washington (UW), with significant engagement in the UW Clean Energy Institute (CEI) and UW Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C). Please visit our Research, Publications, and News pages for examples of recent work from the group!

Latest Research

Can light be used to drive the growth of semiconductor nanowires in solution? The answer is yes! Read our recent paper on the Laser-Driven Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires via the Photothermal Excitation of Colloidal Nanocrystals, just published in ACS Nano!

What looks like a plasmon, acts like a plasmon, and photothermally transduces light into heat efficiently like a plasmon, but isn’t actually a localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR)? Read Soohyung Lee’s new Chemistry of Materials paper on iron-enabled quasi-static dielectric resonances (DRs) in all-dielectric, ternary metal chalcogenide intermediate band (IB) semiconductor nanocrystals, as well as his follow-up paper, recently published in Small!

A laser-based “tractor beam” that can be used to assemble air- and water-sensitive nanomaterials in organic solvents? Sounds like science fiction? Read our article on the Optically Oriented Attachment of Nanoscale Metal-Semiconductor Heterostructures in Organic Solvents via Photonic Nanosoldering published in Nature Communications and highlighted by UW News!

[You can watch videos of the trapping and assembly processes here and here]

On-Demand Sonochemical Synthesis of Ultrasmall and Magic-Size CdSe Quantum Dots in Single-Phase and Emulsion Systems published in Langmuir!


Temperature-Dependent Electrochemical Characteristics of Antimony Nanocrystal Alloying Electrodes for Na-Ion Batteries published in ACS Applied Energy Materials!


Germanium Nanowire Battery Electrodes with Engineering Surface-Binder Interactions Exhibit Improved Cycle Life and High Energy Density without Fluorinated Additives published in ACS Applied Energy Materials!


Quantum Dot Cellular Uptake and Toxicity in the Developing Brain: Implications for Use as Imaging Probes published in Nanoscale Advances!