HolmbergVincent C. Holmberg

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute
Clean Energy Institute



Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering – The University of Texas at Austin (2011)
M.S.E. in Chemical Engineering – The University of Texas at Austin (2010)
B.Ch.E. in Chemical Engineering – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2006)
B.S. in Chemistry – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2006)


University of Washington 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award Finalist (April 2017)
MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35 Semifinalist (April 2016) – 1 of 80 semifinalists
International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids PhD Thesis Award (May 2014)
Marie Curie ETH Zürich Postdoctoral Fellowship (2013-2014)
Hertz Thesis Prize (2012) – 1 of 47 awarded in the United States over the last 30 years
MRS Graduate Student Gold Award (April 2010)
Hertz Fellowship (2007-2011) – 1 of 15 awarded in the United States in 2007
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2007-2011)
Engineering Doctoral Fellowship – University of Texas (2006-2010)
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship (2004-2006)


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Pandres, Elena P.; Olson, Jarred Z.; Schlenker, Cody W.; Holmberg, Vincent C., Germanium Nanowire Battery Electrodes with Engineered Surface-Binder Interactions Exhibit Improved Cycle Life and High Energy Density without Fluorinated Additives. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019), 2(9), 6200-6208. [Link]