Nicole Thompson


M.S. in Chemical Engineering – University of Washington (2018)
B.S. in Chemical Engineering – Case Western Reserve University (2016)


University of Washington Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship and DIRECT Trainee (2018)


Thompson, Nicole L.; Cohen, Theodore A.; Alamdari, Sarah; Hsu, Chih-Wei; Williamson, Grant A.; Beck, David A. C.; Holmberg, Vincent C., DiffCapAnalyzer: A Python Package for Quantitative Analysis of Total Differential Capacity Data. Journal of Open Source Software (2020), 5(54), 2624. [Link]

Zhang, Mengying; Bishop, Brittany P.; Thompson, Nicole L.; Hildahl, Kate; Dang, Binh; Mironchuk, Olesya; Chen, Nina; Aoki, Reyn; Holmberg, Vincent C.;* Nance, Elizabeth,* Quantum Dot Cellular Uptake and Toxicity in the Developing Brain: Implications for Use as Imaging Probes. Nanoscale Advances (2019), 1, 3424-3442. [Link] *co-corresponding*