Grant Williamson

I work to synthesize and test novel nanomaterials for battery applications and other clean energy uses.  I am particularly focused on developing scalable, solution-based syntheses of crystalline, inorganic nanowire-based negative electrodes for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.  I am also interested in the interplay between science and policy and how they drive and inform each other.


Ph.D. in Molecular Engineering – University of Washington (2019)
M.S. in Molecular Engineering – University of Washington (2017)
B.S. in Chemical Engineering – University of Washington (2012)


Husky 100 Recipient (2017)
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2016)


Thompson, Nicole L.; Cohen, Theodore A.; Alamdari, Sarah; Hsu, Chih-Wei; Williamson, Grant A.; Beck, David A. C.; Holmberg, Vincent C., DiffCapAnalyzer: A Python Package for Quantitative Analysis of Total Differential Capacity Data. Journal of Open Source Software (2020), 5(54), 2624. [Link]

Williamson, Grant; Hu, Victor W.; Yoo, Thomas B.; Affandy, Martin; Opie, Charles; Paradis, Emilee K. and Holmberg, Vincent C., Temperature-Dependent Electrochemical Characteristics of Antimony Nanocrystal Alloying Electrodes for Na-Ion Batteries. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019). [Link]


Williamson, Grant; Pandres, Elena and Holmberg, Vincent C.; “Electrochemical Alloying and Supercritical Fluid-Based Synthesis of Antimony Conversion Electrodes with Controlled Anisotropy”; 233rdElectrochemical Society Meeting; Seattle, WA; May 15th, 2018