Elena Pandres

Elena Pandres


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering – University of Washington (2020)
M.S. in Chemical Engineering – University of Washington (2018)
B.S. in Chemical Engineering – University of Massachusetts Amherst (2014)


Dorothy Bowers Science and Engineering as Art – first prize (2019)
University of Washington Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship (2016)


Crane, Matthew J.; Pandres, Elena P.; Davis, E. James; Holmberg, Vincent C.;* Pauzauskie, Peter J.,* Optically Oriented Attachment of Nanoscale Metal-Semiconductor Heterostructures in Organic Solvents via Photonic Nanosoldering. Nature Communications (2019), 10, 4942. [Link] *co-corresponding*

Pandres, Elena P.; Olson, Jarred Z.; Schlenker, Cody W. and Holmberg, Vincent C., Germanium Nanowire Battery Electrodes with Engineering Surface-Binder Interactions Exhibit Improved Cycle Life and High Energy Density Without Fluorinated Additives. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019). [Link]

Birch, Nathan P.; Barney, Lauren E.; Pandres, Elena; Peyton, Shelly R. and Schiffman, Jessica D., Thermal-Responsive Behavior of a Cell Compatible Chitosan/Pectin Hydrogel. Biomacromolecules (2015), 16(6), 1837-1843. [Link]

Hu, Keda; Pandres, Elena and Qin, Yang, Platinum-Segmented Polydiacetylenes. Journal of Polymer Science Part A (2014), 52(18), 2662-2668. [Link]